Our Medical Doctors are guided by the six traditional principles of Naturopathic Medicine.


1. Help nature heal.
2. Treat the whole person.
3. First, do no harm.
4. Identify and treat a possible cause.
5. Prevention is the best cure.
6. Doctor should act as a teacher.


Our Mission

Breast cancer is a frightening illness.  We believe that the best way to take control of this fear is to become knowledgeable about all of your prevention and treatment options.  Our mission is to offer a safe and complimentary option to women with breast cancer.  We use scientific-evaluated therapy to assist you in your treatment course.

What Makes Us Special?

We individualize our evidence-based therapies to meet your individual needs.  Specialized blood tests are obtained to evaluate your specific nutritional and metabolic status.  Individualized intravenous nutritional therapies are then customized to the women's particular needs.

Please note: Any treatment recommendations stated on this website are meant to be a complement and addition to your current breast cancer treatment plan, and are not intended in any way to be a substitute or alternative to your existing treatment plan. Please consult with your conventional treating physician if any of our treatment recommendations will in any way interfere with your current breast treatment plan.

Conventional Cancer Treatment Failure.


 We will evaluate the potential benefits versus risks of natural medicines in your unique circumstances and offer recommendations as appropriate.  There are established natural medicine protocols that can help keep you as healthy and comfortable as possible while at the same time stimulate your immune system and provide other cancer-fighting benefits.


We Do Our Best

We provide safe, sensible and scientific therapies that complement conventional treatments. We strive to help you tune in to your own body to reach optimum health. We provides safe, natural therapies that may help to maximize your body’s ability to heal.

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